Editing Reviews of Wedding Photos from Lightroom

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  • Reading reviews that give you ideas on how to improve your wedding pictures
  • Comprehensive and intelligent take of wedding photos from seasoned reviewers

No exaggeration, really, but it is difficult to do some editing with your photos. Chances are, especially if you’re still a beginner, you might commit a terrible mistake along the way, thereby damaging the natural image of your photo.


How much if you are editing these wedding pictures? That task can be quite demanding at times, considering that these are once in a lifetime photos, and that one false move can literally alter the entire image. But no need to pamper your nerves this time, because this wedding lightroom editing review is doing a great job when it comes to enhancing these wedding photos.

You can’t underestimate the power of this wedding lightroom editing review. The ideas you can get out of these pieces are valuable to the development of not only your photos but your work as well. If you’re a neophyte, you will eventually emulate some of the best practices that these reviewers give on a daily basis through their reviews. Soon, without you realizing it, you’re enhancing photos like a professional.

Now it is so easy to edit wedding photos. If in the past, there is so much work involved even in editing a detail in your wedding picture, today, however, editing wedding pictures are as natural as taking these photos, and all because of these workflow reviews.

You can’t underestimate the effect of a Lightroom preset to your wedding photos. A wedding workflow from Lightroom is a way for you to enhance that already awesome wedding picture, especially if you want a specific effect to it. For wedding enthusiasts, however, these presets are great gifts for photographers who dig wedding photos.

So reading reviews is not a waste of time at all. It should be your priority, though, to read these pieces for you to gain more knowledge and more options in editing your precious wedding pictures. Otherwise, like some people, you’ll be posting ordinary wedding photos that don’t even coddle the memories involved in it.


Top Reasons Why Photographers Recommend Sleeklens

  • It’s always easy to find recommendations for Sleeklens across the internet
  • Sleeklens is trusted by many photographers
  • Sleeklens products are also affordable and easy to use

When you search for reviews about presets or workflows or even Photoshop actions, you can expect to come across the brand “Sleeklens” one way or another. Whether you research on Youtube, Instagram, Google, Facebook, or Twitter, somehow the word just keeps coming up.


But it’s all for the right reasons. It’s basically because photographers recommend Sleeklens products. Sleeklens is one of the most trusted brands online to sell photography and video products that help make customers’ (professional photographers) work so much easier by cutting down the time of getting the work done, but also make the work look more professional at the same time.

Photographers recommend Sleeklens products because they’re cheap, easy to use, and reliable. Okay, it may not be the most cheap products around the internet, but quality and quantity wise, it’s definitely a must-have.

Another reason why photographers recommend Sleeklens products is because it’s what other photographers use. Word spreads fast, even in the community of photographers. If a brand performs more than expected of it, it is bound to get recommendations and commendations from different photographers.

And when one product worked well for them, they are bound to return to the same store to try a different product. Basically, it’s all about the quality. Moreover, Sleeklens has a customer support which helps customers feel more secure and feel less anxious that they might just get robbed for purchasing a product online.

Moreover, Sleeklens give out discounts on different items. Who doesn’t get enticed by discounts? Nobody, almost. Sleeklens understand that. Therefore aside from the affordable cost of their products, they also give little gifts to their customers through discounts. Overall, Sleeklens is a recommended brand by photographers because of their service and quality of products.


How To Shop For A Quadcopter

  • Drone introduction
  • What to look for in drones
  • Resources about drones

Camera drones or quadcopters are unmanned aerial vehicles that do not require a pilot to be physically present in the vehicle in order to operate it. That’s the technical definition anyway. In today’s standards, people know quadcopters as camera drones. These small devices are used to take photos and videos from above. Most professional photographers and videographers use this gadget.


There are things to consider when buying your next quadcopter or drone in order to find the right one. Follow these steps and you will be sure to have the best quadcopter in the market today. Believe me, it did for me.

  1. Ease of use. A drone should be easy to operate. No one wants to fly something that’s requires a lot of controls. Look for drones that have auto landing and auto take off options. With the technology available today, that should be easy to find. One drone that comes to mind when you talk about ease of use is the Phantom 3.
  2. Join a community. There are lots of drone communities today. Join one. You can get tips and tricks on some of the drones out in the market today.
  3. Know what you want. It’s hard to look for something when you don’t know what you are looking for. There are drones that are being used for specific purposes. That is why research is necessary.
  4. Online shops are your best friend. There are a lot of legit online drone shops that offer deals from time to time. Make sure to check. Since drones can be quite expensive, it doesn’t hurt to find discounted ones.

These are several things to consider when buying your next quadcopter or drone. If you are looking for a site that can help you with your research, visit quadcopterguru.com. They provide the best tips and tutorials about drones.


CameraDojo and Digital Photography

  • Digital photography introduction
  • State of digital photography today
  • How can CameraDojo help your photography skills

Digital photography is another field of photography that uses electronic photo detectors instead of photographic films. Through technology adjustment, digital photography is able to capture crisper and sharper images as compared to the traditional photography. Another advantage that it brings is that since it produces digital images, through the help of image post processing software, photographs taken digitally can be enhanced, retouched and improved. To the purists, this is a bit frowned upon, but for many, since we are already in the digital age, this is a sigh of relief.

With so many advancements in the field of digital photography, sometimes it is hard to keep up. New technology innovations are being released almost every month by rival digital camera manufacturers. Since digital photography revolutionized the whole photography industry today by eliminating the delay and lowering the cost of producing images, it has virtually made almost everyone on earth a photographer. Evidence of that is the camera on smart phones today. All smart phones today have high definition cameras built-in them that basically allows anyone to take a photo; couple that with social media and a photo that an individual has taken can reach their audience in just a few seconds. That is how far digital photography has taken us today.

Cameradojo and digital photography is inseparable. Just like this coupon code for iherb and supplements. You can’t talk about digital photography without mentioning cameradojo at some point. So the next time you’re planning of buying a digital camera, you better check cameradojo first, because they have that list of digital cameras that would make your images look good.

Though, aside from casual or “smart-phone” photographers, there is another dimension to the digital photography industry. These are the people that take it to another level. These are the individuals that are starting to take it more seriously. This is where Cameradojo.com can help. They provide resources relevant to digital photography that aspiring or beginner photographers can take to heart. Lists of good cameras, tips, reviews, tutorials and other guides, name it, Cameradojo.com has it. Not only do they have it, but they have the best resources provided by certified professional photographers so that you can be assured that what you are reading came from the best.


Finding that Resume Template Online

  • Resume templates you can get online for your job application
  • Resume templates with different designs to choose from
  • Job applications mad easy using resume templates from the web

You can make resumes depending on your preferred application. You can make resumes with PowerPoint or Publisher or what have you, as long as you’re comfortable with it. But most resumes are done with Word, and along with it are these resume templates for Word you can download online.


Creating resumes is crucial when applying for a job. There are resumes that are so comprehensive that employers just can’t wait to get these applicants for an interview. On the flip side, though, there are resumes, too, that do not even pass the initial round. Suffice it to say, these resumes one way or the other has had its initial draft using Microsoft Word.

You can download resume templates for Word on the web. There’s a host of resumes available for you that you’ll never run out of it. That’s the advantage of having these templates online, unlike before, when you’re having this dilemma creating that appropriate resume for that particular job.

These templates are comprehensive enough that you only need to modify a few things. You can even change the design of these resume templates for Word, depending on the effect you wanted to project to your potential employer or boss.

So you need not worry anymore where or how to make resumes that stand out from the rest, you can always download these resume templates for Word any time online. All you need to do is fill in some pertinent information and these templates will take care of the rest, and that includes, your chances of getting hired.

These resume templates for Word will secure your desired job even before you can download it.


Beautiful Changes with Adobe Lightroom Presets

  • A photography app that allows you to make enhancements with the color, saturation level and luminosity of your pictures
  • A customized folder is provided to save your files when you edit with Adobe Lightroom
  • Tons of presets to choose from online, courtesy of Adobe Lightroom

If you want to make some changes with the color, saturation level and luminosity of your pictures, these Adobe Lightroom presets should be your tool from now on.


But why Adobe Lightroom presets, in the first place? There are many reasons for that.

The first of which is its varied and rich collection of presets. From wedding to vintage to black and white, every effect you can think of are now made possible with Adobe Lightroom presets, where you get to enhance photos the way you like it.

Second, Adobe Lightroom presets can be saved in one file. Yes, through its customized folder, you can safe-keep as many files as you want, quite convenient compared to the old way of saving files. You don’t have to use an external gadget to be able to store your images, Adobe Lightroom has its own storage for your precious files.

Lastly, Adobe Lightroom presets provides you with video tutorials. These are interactive videos whereby you learn how to navigate this tool, as well as how to enhance your photo images in a lot of ways. Seldom can you find a photography app that provides tutorials the moment you get or purchase them. If in the past you get a manual, with Adobe Lightroom, you have a video to learn from.

So there you have it, Adobe Lightroom presets bring a whole new dimension to your photo editing. It gives you variety, it keeps your images safe, and provides you with a kit whereby you can further enhance your photo editing. What a way to produce beautiful, stunning photos in the process.


GoPro Hero4 Black: Is the Hype Real?

  • The trend that is the action camera
  • What’s the best action camera
  • Is the hype real

When we talk about action cameras, what immediately comes to mind is the GoPro camera, because, in all honesty, GoPro has invented the action camera that you see nowadays. Without this company, there wouldn’t be any action camera market today. With so many action cameras popping up and competing for their own share in the market, action videos and first person point of view videos have also dominated our social media newsfeeds. So, for us normal people who are trying to catch the wave, we decide to buy an action camera so that we can also take videos of our own. This is where the question “What is the best action camera?” comes in. The right answer for that question is the GoPro Hero4 Black.


Yep, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Since GoPro basically invented the action camera, it naturally produces the best. The Hero4 Black is a piece of art. The 4k resolution that it produces is glorious, fully capturing images in vibrant colors. It captures videos at a high frame rate using a 12 megapixel camera. The videos you take are broadcast quality and full HD. It also comes with a starter mounting kit that you can use to take unique perspectives for your video. The only downside to the GoPro Hero4 Black is the price. It sells at around $500. But with the quality of the video you are getting as well as the additional bonus features, it is surely worth it.

Some people say that the Hero4 is not the best action camera, but the resulting videos taken from it say otherwise. It isn’t just hype if it delivers. Some independent film makers even use this to shoot scenes for their short movies. And most, if not professional extreme sports athletes usually own one. So, ladies and gentlemen, the hype is real!


Modifying The Effect of Photoshop Actions

  • What is Photoshop
  • What are Photoshop actions
  • How do you modify Photoshop actions

Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized the photo editing field today. Because of this piece of software, there is nothing you can’t achieve in photo editing. There are really a lot of things you can do with Photoshop that you can virtually write a book explaining all of its features. There is also a lot to learn if you want to become a master at using this kind of photo editing software. But in this article, we’ll focus more on Photoshop actions.


What are Photoshop actions? Photoshop actions simply put are a combination of steps that have been recorded by the Photoshop user. These sequences can then be used at any time, which allows you to recreate the effect without having to repeat each step every single time. It is basically a shortcut to a desired effect in Photoshop.

If you wish to change or modify the effect of a Photoshop action, there are two ways you can do it. The most used method is to adjust the opacity of an entire layer group. This is the method of adjusting the intensity of the effect. You can do this by selecting a layer group through clicking the icon that looks like a folder next to an already open action within the layer window. The other method is considered the more detailed method. This requires that you understand the different components in the layer group but it basically involves adjusting the opacity, again to adjust how intense the effect is. You have to keep in mind that it is best to do these modifications on a RAW image rather than on a JPEG one simply because there is more information you can manipulate in a RAW file.

So, get your Photoshop actions now and start recreating your favorite effects at a few clicks of the mouse.


The Difference Between Editing And Retouching

  • What is photo editing
  • What is photo retouching
  • Is there a difference between the two?

The words editing and retouching are used very often in photography, and sometimes quite interchangeably. But there is a difference. Knowing what it is can be very helpful especially if you are looking for photographers in let’s say, your wedding. Let us discuss the difference of the two terms.


Let’s start with editing. Photo editing can take as little as a minute to a few hours to do depending on what you need to accomplish. In post production, editing takes place when you change the fundamental properties of a photo like, dimension, white balance, exposure, temperature, etc…Editing is crucial because it allows the person looking at the photo to notice the most important aspect of that photo, whatever that may be. There is also this term in editing called “culling” which involves taking a look at all the photos taken and determine which ones will be used or delivered and which ones will be taken out. This is an important part of the editing process because this is where you determine if you got the right photos that the client wants/needs.

As for retouching, it is a process of improving an image by removing or maybe adding details of it. A good example is taking out a pimple on the cheek of the woman in the photo, or perhaps brightening the teeth so it would look sparkly. The concept is to improve the image by removing something or adding a few effects.

So you see, editing and retouching has its own purposes and processes. Let’s recap, editing is concerned more on changing the natural aspects of an image to make it more emphatic, beautiful and eye catching. Retouching is the process of adding something that didn’t exist or removing a detail that you don’t want the viewer to see.



Finding the Right Tools for Your Photos

  • The tools you need to use for the enhancement of your photos
  • Saving time and resources while editing your photos, courtesy of these presets
  • Easy photo editing with the help of presets

Using presets to enhance your photos has its own advantages. Those who haven’t had the time to use it are probably wasting their time by now, editing their photos with tools that can only make minimal improvements. With these presets, though, you can probably find the tools you need for editing here.

Presets are a new breed of tools in photography. It is a relatively new form because a lot of people are still unfamiliar with its value, let alone its name. But you can probably find the tools you need for editing here with these presets, saving some time and resources in the process.

Saves You Time

Yes, using these presets when editing your photos save you a lot of time. You don’t have to go to the extent of locating that favorite photographer of yours to do the editing, you can edit your photo images yourself. These presets have user-friendly tools and that navigating these tools is as easy as taking that picture.

Saves You Resources

You can probably find the tools you need for editing here, but with a catch, they come in, free of charge. These presets are so accessible online that you don’t have to spend a penny just to have that improvement in your photos, because these presets are free. Imagine the advantage of having these tools, free and yet they can enhance your photos in a lot of ways.

These presets make things easy for you. You can probably find the tools you need for editing here with these long lists of presets online. Don’t waste your time right now and start downloading these tools for the development of your photo images.